AnalyticsGP desarrollo de soluciones que generen conocimiento estratégico a partir de datos.

AnalyticsGP are our technological consulting services in the development of solutions that generate strategic knowledge from data.

With AnalyticsGP obtain privileged information to respond to your business problems, transforming existing data into true and timely information, to optimize the decision-making process.

AnalyticsGP will allow you to have greater knowledge of the company’s processes, observing what is happening in your process, why and predicting a future scenario to make the best decisions and decide which is the best path to follow.

AnalyticsGP Features

Descriptive Analytics

A great strength developing management data collection projects with tools such as Qlikview, Qliksense and Tableau.

Predictive Analytics

Participation in data mining project through supervised and unsupervised techniques
using Python, R and Rapidminer.

Integration processes

Using Talend and Microsoft Integration Services tools with ERPs such as SAP, Legacy Systems, SIESA ERP, EPicor and EDI systems.

We enable our analytics services with
the best solutions on the market

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