Consolidación y homologación de información de canal comercial.

Consolidación y homologación de información de canal comercial.

RetailGP is an industry solution aimed at mass consumption companies that want to know the rotation of products, prices, geographical coverage of their distributors and the number of customers they reach.

RetailGP solved the difficulties associated with the consolidation and standardization of various sources of information.

RetailGP is offered under an attractive monthly payment model that offers centralization and access to analytical models of distributor information.

RetailGP offers access to information so that it can be accessed and processed by the company’s analytical systems

¿Cómo RetailGP apoya el área de Trade Marketing?

How does RetailGP support the Trade Marketing area?


Integration process with various sources, inventory loading and distributor rotation.

Information analysis

Descriptive, predictive and sales forecast analytics module.


Information collected available in different formats by web services to be integrated by corporate business intelligence systems.


Parameterization of all processes under business rules


Data capture in the field for order taking and monitoring of prices, spaces and exhibitions.


Loyalty programs for distributors, accumulation of points and redemptions. In addition to incentive campaigns for direct and indirect sales force.