PharmaGP is a solution aligned to the pharmaceutical sector with the sole purpose of providing tools to laboratories that support processes aimed at increasing their sales, minimizing their service and marketing costs, and increasing their reputation indices among their patients, medical community, and customers.

PharmaGP in the Patients dimension enables the provision of support services for patients with specific diseases, allowing the industry to target its products more effectively and increase its revenues. In a responsible way, you can also create an opportunity to build stronger relationships with patients and improve your image and reputation in the medical community.

Additionally, it allows the follow-up of successful cases in the application of medicines that should be presented as best practices, including results in the application of safe and effective medicines, as well as treatments and protocols.

How can PharmaGP help your pharmaceutical business?

Generation of loyalty in patients, users and opinion leaders

• Dynamic and centralized repository of information for patients, users, doctors, opinion leaders and institutions.
• Definition and execution of loyalty campaigns in patients and users.
• Follow-up campaigns for opinion leaders.
• Definition, follow-up and execution of events for doctors and opinion leaders.

Consumer safety management and laboratory reputation

• Management of adverse events and medical investigations.
• Comprehensive service for patients, users, doctors, institutions and government regarding complaints, claims, requests, etc.
• Follow-up of the patient or user to the medical treatment that is being applied.
• Product shortage.
• Management of product quality interactions.
• Record of successful cases and best practices in the application of therapies and medications.

Monitoring in best business practices

• Management in tenders with the government
• Follow-up and control of orders or opportunities in traditional channels
• Loyalty campaigns that encourage purchase and repurchase processes of product lines.