PerformanceGP Confiable, rápido y tiempo real

PerformanceGP Confiable, rápido y tiempo real

PerformanceGP es una solución para gestionar el desempeño de su fuerza de ventas

PerformanceGP is a solution to manage the performance of your sales force, automating the process of calculating commissions, incentives and variable salaries.

With PerformanceGP, management levels will be able to define, model and analyze business incentive strategies and calculate sales results or performance measurement variables.

PerformanceGP performs all these processes in a third of the time previously used, delivering reliable information and reducing the man-hour resource by up to 80%.

PerformanceGP integrates all the transactions of your corporate systems avoiding alteration or manipulation of data (ERP, CRM, SRH, etc.).

PerformanceGP also allows you to define, plan, record and develop training and human factor development plans focused on your company’s production process. defined according to the characteristics required in the different positions, emphasizing the specific and necessary points so that he can perform effectively in his position.

How can PerformanceGP help you increase productivity?

Definition of objectives

Manage the execution of your sales comprehensively and in real time. In addition to making closing projections of budgets or goals and performing comparative analyzes of different periods in real time.

Performance measurement

Online adjustment of sales results or measurement variables. Budget the results of collection on sales or other performance measurement variables.

Commission calculation

Calculate compensation based on the performance of your results, managing the compensation of your internal and/or external team.

Real time visibility

Allow all the beneficiaries of your compensation programs to access settlements from their cell phones, in addition to facilitating the resolution of disputes or differences in calculations.

In which processes can PerformanceGP help you?

Quota management Distributors Compensation
Dealer Compensation Administrative Commissions
Operating Commissions Performance Incentives
Online Compensation Incentives


Sales Performance Management
Information Manager for Sales Forecasts Optimize Sales Process Settlement Variable Salaries
Commercial strategies Loyalty Strategy
Compensation Simulators


Loyalty Plan