PaymentGP es una solución que integra los diferentes canales de recaudo con los sistemas de back office de los comercios

PaymentGP is a solution that integrates the different collection channels with the merchant’s back office systems, allowing the management of online and batch payment transactions. It offers functionality that facilitates clearing, reconciliation, and automatic debit processes.

PaymentGP includes the customization of a payment button that can be implemented in the bank network’s online banking web portal or in the central company’s web page; It also offers a virtual means of payment that can be used as a prepaid card, a means of credit or an electronic wallet.

How to have a single point of control of all digital or physical collection channels?

PaymentGP is a powerful solution to integrate all your sales and collection channels, payment methods and the core system of your business.

With PaymentGP you will have centralized control of collections regardless of the channel from which they come (face-to-face or virtual), ensuring integrity and conciliation between the different actors.

In this way, from a single point of control of all the collection channels (Digital or physical), it is ensured that the final customer service times, of the paid services, are online.

PaymentGP optimizes the integration time between channels and payment gateways, since there is only one means that ensures the complete process of the transaction between the channel, the gateway and the Business Core.

By having the entire flow of transactions centralized in PaymentGP, it becomes a powerful tool to manage the process of reconciling and prospecting the business. Supporting high processing capacity for large volumes of transactions through different channels.

How can PaymentGP help you to have centralized control and support different payment ecosystems?

Parameterization of different receipts

• By billing
• For product sales
• For sales of Services
• Recharges in Telcos

Inclusion of different channels through web service

• Web applications
• apps
• Electronic Commerce Stores
• Banks
• Business Allies
• Third Party Collectors

Definition of process flows for inconsistency management

• Duplicate payments
• Missing payments
• Distribution of corporate bill payments
• Licensing in lease or in the “on premise” modality in infrastructure.

Agility in processes

Integration with multiple payment gateways, configuration at the country level through APIS methods, web checkout and web Services.
Easy parameterization of third-party collection file upload (collection payment gateways and business core).
Reconciliation process through analytical tools.

Do you know how PaymentGP can help you respond faster in the market?

• New businesses or services can be developed in the same channels in an agile way and in a short time.
• For the area of ​​marketing, sales and innovation, it is a platform that facilitates the commercialization of new products and services in a very short time.
• Support for the Direct Debit and Tokenization process for recurring payments or payments against a token.
• Activation or registration of online sales of products and services against collections.