MobilityGP es una poderosa solución para llevar los formularios de toma de información a tecnología móvil..

MobilityGP is a powerful solution to bring information collection forms to mobile technology.

The functionality of MobilityGP allows you to optimize different business processes with mobility solutions, facilitating their management, supervision and eliminating manual operations.

MobilityGP allows you to use any Android or iOS mobile device with or without an internet connection.

MobilityGP can be used in field data collection for internal processes, surveys and field audits.

Why does MobilityGP take your processes to another level?

Commercial management

Management of the sales force in taking orders in the field, scheduling visits and taking inventories.

Trade Marketing

investigation of prices, spaces and distribution of products in the commercial channel.

Customer Support

Its ease of use with or without internet connection allows you to schedule visits, data collection and support tasks.

Market research

Used for external and internal clients where taking the data collection form to mobile technology avoids the use of paper and avoids processing the results by taking them to a spreadsheet.

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