MaxGP es la plataforma que empodera todas nuestras soluciones de negocio.

MaxGP is the platform that powers all of our business solutions. It is a powerful engine that allows you to develop software solutions that are easy to use and quick to implement.

MaxGP is a platform that allows the user to build, according to their needs, a transactional operating application in a web environment in such a way that it allows creating, modifying, deleting and consulting data, the objects that they define, allowing their storage on different database engines. data with minimal knowledge in programming languages.

MaxGP is a tool for generating applications under the same functional standard that minimizes application development times.

Features of MaxGP

Easy Customization

Creation of forms for data capture and basic operations on records (Create, View, Modify and Delete)

Ease of providing omnichannel services

Tools to integrate web interactions (landing pages), chat, SMS, pre-recorded calls, email, whatsapp, IVR telephony systems and IoT devices. (Internet of Things)

External integrations

There are integration tools for external systems (transformation processes, verification either with direct access to DB, web services and/or flat files.

Process flows

Tools to define flows with alerts and notifications.

End user reporting

Ease and autonomy by the end user to generate dashboards with indicators and reports

configurable security

Ease of configuration of roles, users and access.

Multiplatform for Databases

Our platform supports Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server, SQLite and Pogress relational databases.

* * MaxGP is a registered trademark of Infodec and all other trademarks mentioned are the property of their respective owners