InnovationGP es una solución para que las empresas aprovechan al máximo la inteligencia creativa

InnovationGP is a solution for companies to maximize the creative intelligence of both internal members (employees) and external partners (suppliers, customers, partners, academics, etc.)

InnovationGP unifies the efforts of members and allies around the solution of critical problems, the identification of opportunities and the development of new businesses.

How to use InnovationGP in your company?

Transform ideas into innovative value-generating solutions.

The platform allows you to customize the innovation funnel over which the ideas will migrate. The different stages or gates can be defined according to the innovation model of each organization. In this way, the ideas mature, strengthen and are implemented in innovative solutions that add value to organizations.

Manage reports

Through this functionality you will be able to obtain reports of what is happening on the platform in real time, in order to carry out sophisticated analyzes for your innovation programs. Statistical data reports can be obtained on the use of the platform discriminated by users, overview of the site, daily, weekly, monthly, annual summary, among others.

Create foci of innovation or challenges.

The platform allows the creation and launch of challenges that activate the generation of ideas by the interested community. The definition of ideation challenges allows the generation of initiatives around a specific theme or problem within a defined time frame, likewise it facilitates the concentration of the creative efforts of a community, from exercises of focused ideas, in the identification innovative solutions that leverage the achievement of the objectives of each company. There are open innovation challenges and local challenges.

Do you know what a season of Innovation is?

The season takes place during a specific period of time, in which activities are held to stimulate creativity focused on priority issues and thus ensure the strategic alignment of the event.

The winning ideas of the season are selected by experts inside or outside the company and the proponents of the same receive rewards and recognition for their creative merits. These innovative ideas feed into the annual planning cycles of each organization in order to strengthen the portfolios of initiatives or projects for the following year.

Turning this practice into a regular event ensures the incorporation of innovation as a sustainable process, an element of the organizational culture and a company capacity.