GovermentGPP solución de industria dirigida al sector Gobierno

GovermentGP is an industry solution aimed at the Government sector committed to offering solutions and services to citizens with the support of technology.

GovernmentGP offers management solutions for citizen attention such as execution of strategic municipal campaigns supported by call center services, virtual attention and shift management.

These campaigns can be framed in the areas of health, finance, education, mobility and support for MiPymes.

GovermentGP comprehensively supports citizens by facilitating collection processes with connection to payment gateways, banking network and network of correspondents.

How does GovernmentGP support state institutions?

Citizen Information

• Centralization of citizen information.
• Standardization of citizen service processes.
• Traceability and monitoring of resource and program allocation management.
• Collection management
• Execution of promotion and communication campaigns.

Mobile technology

• Development of app and registration platforms.
• Field data capture and biometric registration on mobile devices.
• Geo referencing of zones and assignment of routes.

Performance measurement

• Allocation of Goals and Objectives
• Definition of compliance rates
• Calculation of Indicators

Payment Ecosystem

• Mass collections
• Management of payments and collections online
• Integration with payment gateway
• Integration with banks and collectors