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We offer flexible business models that increase the profitability of each client and we easily integrate with any type of corporate system to ensure agility in operations.

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Payment Solutions

Payment Link

• Charge from your social networks and email.
• Create a link, share it with your buyer and he pays you right away.
• You don’t have to have a website!

Mass collection campaigns

• Send multiple SMS messages or emails to all your customers with the individual payment link.
• Monitor the effectiveness of the collection.
• Integration with the accounting system to perform reconciliation online.

Payment QR code

• Sell with QR in your business and do not use cash.
• Create it automatically.
• Print it and place it somewhere visible in your business or show it on your screen.

Payment Button

• Add our payment button to your website and start making transactions.
• You don’t need to be a technology guru to be able to sell online!
• We accompany you to configure it.

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Payment button

Mass collection campaign

Payment link

QR codes

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