EducationGP poderosa solución pre configurada para sacar todo el poder del CRM en Centros de Educación

EducationGP is a powerful pre-configured solution to take full advantage of CRM in Education Centers (Universities, Colleges, University Foundations and Institutes).

EducationGP integrates the profiles of all its interest groups in a tool to better understand their needs. Understanding interest groups such as: Interested parties, Applicants, Students, Graduates, Allies and Companies.

EducationGP integrates the data it has and receives daily from all applicants, students, graduates and allies of the Institution in a system that allows it to design institutional marketing strategies, strengthen relationships with companies and improve the quality of the service it offers.

How does EducationGP allow you to have a 360 degree view of your stakeholders?

Central nucleus of interest groups

Definition and centralization of personal, family, academic, financial, psychological and professional profiles, integrating with different external systems such as the academic and financial Core of the University

Promotion and Institutional Marketing

Generation of segments, lists and audiences to design and execute multichannel campaigns that allow sending emails, sms and integrating with chats to qualify prospects and interested parties. Landing pages are also implemented for campaigns executed on social networks or search engines.

Lead and opportunity management

Automatic assignment of the prospect to the commercial representative, allowing to define an orderly process of follow-up to undergraduate, postgraduate, continuing education or extension and consulting programs.

Monitoring of university welfare processes

Workflow management to implement PQR management processes, internal admission flows, and group or individual academic interventions for students.

Dropout Prevention

Advanced system for generating academic, financial, psychological or adaptation coefficients that allow the University to define student success, how to measure it and how to promote it through the different integrated EducationGP tools.