CustomerGP Es el momento de enfocar todos tus procesos en el cliente

CustomerGP Es el momento de enfocar todos tus procesos en el cliente

CustomerGP es una solución CRM que le permite a tu negocio tener una visión de 360 del cliente

CustomerGP is a CRM solution that allows your company to have a 360 view of the customer from one place.

By integrating marketing management, business management and customer service management processes, CustomerGP enables your business to grow and increase profitability.

Why does CustomerGP make you a customer-centric company?

Unique Client Model

Manage from a single place all the basic, contact, financial or transactional information of your clients, with our advanced profiling tools and integration with other systems of your business you can always have a 360 degree vision.

Marketing Management

Easily generate segments and audiences, design marketing campaigns (loyalty, loyalty, awareness and satisfaction) and schedule all your activities from a single control panel.

Commercial management

Manage multiple functionalities to increase and organize sales productivity through registration, control and tracking tools for business opportunities. Always having access to the Sales Pipeline and Forecast.

Customer Service Management

Minimize service costs and increase the level of customer satisfaction through pqrs process management using our workflows and alert and notification system.

Integration of communication channels

To achieve this 360 view of the customer, it is necessary to integrate communication channels such as telephone, chat, text messaging, email, social networks and website into the single customer model and through the marketing, sales and service modules.

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