Con AttentionGP podrás maximizar y optimizar las oportunidades comerciales de tu compañía, administrando inteligentemente los puntos de contacto con tus clientes.

With AttentionGP you will be able to maximize and optimize the commercial opportunities of your company, intelligently managing the points of contact with your clients.

AtenttionGP is designed to provide the benefits of managing and publishing guidelines and communications directly to the public that is waiting in offices, receptions, consulting rooms and customer service points.

In this way, the information related to the public served is directed directly to its service management system. This information and its respective analysis can lead to reports of prospects and candidates for new products, services, programs and packages.

How can AttentionGP help your company?

The Marketing Benefits regarding the management of guidelines and communications will allow your organization to broaden the spectrum of reach to more receptive audiences, such as customers and the waiting public. You can send messages, campaigns, promotions and special programs throughout all your branches. All this can be managed from the main headquarters or from each branch in different types of local and national modality.


  • Virtualize your appointments, and schedule reservations
  • Allows you to know the needs of your customers in advance
  • Offer a personalized welcome to your customers
  • Generates more pleasant waiting environments
  • It is very easy to use and implement
  • Employ easy-to-use devices
  • Provide real-time monitoring reports
  • It is easy to manage
  • Helps you optimize relationships with your customers
  • Provides valuable information for tracking opportunities.

How does AttentionGP work?

Center consolel

Make all the general configuration of it, its users, its branches and service points from its main headquarters. There is no need to invest in more implementations and displacements.


Provide information on the progress status of shifts, status of services and even advertising and communications related to your products, services, campaigns and programs in an intelligent way in such a way that if you wish it shows infomercials according to the profile of the clients who They are visiting.


Connect your service management system and all the platform tools in an integrated way. Check the resulting benefits, and generate new sales opportunities, strategies and loyalty activities.

Punto de Atención

Observe cómo con esta herramienta el asesor puede atender más efectivamente a los clientes, mediante la administración de los clientes en espera, los llamados, Transferencias a otros asesores y tareas propias del servicio.


Reciba a sus clientes, usuarios y público en general con bienvenidas especiales, permítales identificarse y clasificarlos según su importancia y anunciar el motivo de su visita a las instalaciones.

Panel de Datos

Acceda a la consulta en línea desde cualquier lugar del mundo y en tiempo real; y revise el flujo de sus clientes y el desempeño y gestión de todas sus sucursales.

Reserva Internet

Tenga la oportunidad de innovar y lleve su atención al público al próximo nivel.