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We are a business and technology consulting firm. Our work team has experience in project development: business intelligence, relationship management and customer experiences, variable compensation, mobile transactions and business innovation.

We are allies of our clients in the construction of satisfactory experiences that generate well-being and value for their own clients and collaborators, developing their full potential.

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Solución CRM que le permite a tu negocio tener una visión de 360 del cliente desde un solo lugar

CRM solution that allows your business to have a 360 view of the customer from one place.

With AttentionGP you will be able to maximize and optimize the commercial opportunities of your company, intelligently managing the points of contact with your clients.

Solución para gestionar el desempeño de su fuerza de ventas, automatizando el proceso de calculo de comisiones, incentivos y salarios variables.

Solution to manage the performance of your sales force, automating the process of calculating commissions, incentives and variable salaries.

Solución para integrar todos tus canales de venta y recaudo, medios de pago y el sistema core de su negocio.

Solution to integrate all your sales and collection channels, payment methods and the core system of your business.

Solución para que las empresas aprovechan al máximo la inteligencia creativa tanto de miembros internos (empleados) como de aliados externos ( proveedores, clientes, aliados, académicos , etc. )

Solution for companies to maximize the creative intelligence of both internal members (employees) and external partners (suppliers, customers, partners, academics, etc.)

With TalentGP you can manage, define, plan, record and develop training and development plans for employees focused on the production process of your company.

We offer solutions by industry, pre-configured and quick to implement

EducationGP EducationGP es una poderosa solución pre configurada para sacar todo el poder del CRM

EducationGP is a powerful preconfigured solution to obtain all the power of CRM in Educational Centers (Universities, Colleges, University Foundations and Institutes).

GovermentGP es una solución de industria dirigida al sector Gobierno

GovermentGP is an industry solution aimed at the Government sector committed to offering solutions and services to citizens with the support of technology.

RetailGP es una solución de industria dirigida a las empresas de consumos masivo

RetailGP is an industry solution aimed at mass consumption companies that want to know the rotation of products, prices, geographical coverage of their distributors and the number of customers they reach.

PharmaGP es una solución alineada al sector farmacéutico

PharmaGP is a solution aligned to the pharmaceutical sector with the sole purpose of providing tools to laboratories that support processes aimed at increasing their sales, minimizing their service and marketing costs, and increasing their reputation indices among their patients, medical community, and customers.


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